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Why You Can Get Braces at Any Age

Why You Can Get Braces at Any Age

Adults are now a significant segment of many orthodontic practice’s client base, as much as 25% or even more. At our practice, we’ve had patients in their 20’s to their 60’s and even into their 70’s.

For adult patients who are considering orthodontic work, they’ll find that many factors are now in their favor:

  • aesthetics – Orthodontic technology keeps breaking new ground and there are more options available, from ceramic braces to lingual braces to Invisalign. Even traditional metal braces are more lightweight and inconspicuous than many adult patients will remember from their childhoods.
  • faster – Improvements in orthodontic technology doesn’t only mean more options. It also means that treatment is more precise, and treatment times are shorter than ever. 
  • affordability – Some of our adult patients always wanted braces but their families couldn’t afford them. Now that they are employed and financially solvent, they can get the straight smile they’ve always wanted. 

In addition, some of the reasons people want to get braces are perennial:

  • appearance – No matter your age, you always want to look good when you’re out in the world, and a nice smile is one thing that everyone wants.
  • confidence – Whether interacting with peers in school or with colleagues in a professional context,  a nice smile brings confidence to your demeanor. 
  • need – even if you had braces as a teenager or not, teeth can shift and become misaligned. At any age you can have crooked teeth, so at any age you can get braces to correct them. 
  • health – Ultimately, orthodontics is part of the medical field, and everyone should always strive for optimum health. Straight teeth and an aligned bite decrease the chances of gum disease and tooth decay. Good oral health is also linked to other factors, from digestion to diabetes. 

We find that adults often make great patients, at least in the sense that they are more likely to wear their appliances consistently, less likely to lose them or damage them, and more conscientious to properly clean their teeth while in braces. We love all of our patients. Orthodontics is for people of any age.