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about braces

Empower Self-Ligating Brackets

Self-ligating braces are similar to conventional braces in function and form, but they lack the metal or elastic ties (also known as ligatures) used in traditional braces to help guide movement of the teeth. Instead, self-ligating braces employ moveable brackets to hold and control the archwires, which are the source of pressure that bring your teeth into alignment and replace the ligatures of traditional braces.

The benefit of self-ligating brackets is that the wire is free to slide with less friction, which means faster treatment. Elastic ties tend to discolor and are difficult to keep clean, so self-ligating brackets are more aesthetically pleasing and hygienic.

Dr. Davidson uses American Orthodontics Empower brackets because he believes they are a comfortable and efficient bracket system.

Ceramic Brackets

Ceramic brackets are specially cut from a single crystal of pure sapphire. These brackets provide the highest level of comfort, are clear and virtually invisible. They are also designed to be the strongest bracket available. Being cut from crystal and treated with heat until smooth ensures a solid bracket that is remarkably strong, and less likely to crack or break.

Dr. Davidson uses American Orthodontics Radiance ceramic brackets as an alternative to metal braces.