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Davidson Orthodontics prides ourselves on providing the best care for our patients, delivering amazing results and making treatment easy. We do that by being straightforward – no gimmicks here – and accommodating your finances and time when it comes to payment plans and appointments.


All patients receive a free, no obligation consultation during their first visit. This means you can come in, get acquainted with our office and team, learn about your orthodontic treatment options and ask us any questions. We know each patient’s treatment is different, and promise to give you the attention you deserve by setting aside ample time to answer all questions you have.

During your free consultation, we’ll evaluate your records and conduct a treatment consultation to explain all aspects of your treatment in detail. We’ll provide you with a complete clinical diagnosis regarding the nature of your problem, a written summary of the findings and a detailed plan that outlines your treatment, goals and estimated fees.

Like what you hear? Ready to get started during your first visit!? Great! We offer same day starts for all patients. Need more time to think about it? We understand orthodontic treatment is a big decision. Go home, sleep on it, and let us know when you’re ready. We’ll be ready to pick up where we left off when you come back in.


Before braces are placed and aligners are ready, we ask that our patients visit a dentist for an exam and have any necessary fillings or dental work completed. Patients should visit their dentist every 6 months for an exam and cleaning. We also ask that you brush your teeth before all appointments!


Your appointments are scheduled to fit your busy lifestyle. Our staff makes every effort to accommodate each patient’s schedule. In order to help us continue to schedule efficiently, a 24 hour notice is required to cancel an orthodontic appointment.


We know your time is valuable, so you can get started with braces on the same day as your free, no obligation consultation! We’ll place your braces and get you started during your consultation!


Orthodontic treatment may last from 18 to 36 months, though this will vary depending on your individual case. Appointments are typically scheduled 4 to 12 weeks apart. Your cooperation in keeping scheduled orthodontic appointments, maintaining proper hygiene and wearing your elastics or appliances as instructed may allow you to finish your orthodontic treatment early.


We encourage patients to ask questions about their orthodontic treatment. At a patient’s first visit, Dr. Davidson will inform patients and/or parents about important treatment details.

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